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Come In Grape Your Time Is Up! (Zinfandel)

We’ve wanted to launch a bit of a blog for sometime, and like all the DIY jobs that are now getting done during lockdown we have finally gotten round to launching the blog!

The focus of the blog will be to talk about the beers we are selling at the bar and give you our take on them along with a bit more information. We’ll also try to talk about whats going on at the bar when things are allowed to go on there again!

To launch the blog we thought we’d tell you about a special beer that we’ve just hooked up to the taps and made available for delivery from Beachwood Blendery in Long Beach, California. Come in Grape, Your Time is up (Zinfandel) is a Lambic style beer aged in Zinfandel barrels giving it a brilliant sourness and a mature depth of flavour, which make it a real treat.

On our taste test we got some Raspberry sherbet aroma, a nice tartness followed by juicy red berries Raspberry and Cranberry in particular – with a dry red wine finish. There is loads of depth to this though and the barrel ageing really comes through. To get a more expert opinion we sent a bottle to Birminghams own Lambic expert Rich from Cork and Cage who had this to say…

"This is the perfect drink for wine and sour beer fans alike. Pleasantly spritzy carbonation gives way to loads of jammy, slightly sweet Zinfandel wine grape, which is nicely balanced with some dry tannins on the finish. The beer is tart and gently acidic, all underpinned nicely by a hint of oak and classic american wild ale funk. A delicious complex beer to sip in the weekend sun."

Come In Grape Your Time is Up (Zinfandel) would usually be served as a third in the bar, but that’s impossible with deliveries. We’ve decided to list this as 330ml (let us know if you want a bigger serving!) and deliver it in a nice glass bottles to give it the luxury feel is deserves!

Thanks for reading and enjoy the beer

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