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Put Some Thunder In Your Zoom Chat!

Fresh on the board and available for delivery this week is another banger from Amundsen Brewery based in Oslo, Norway. Since the lockdown began we have tried to get beers with appropriate sounding names onto the board where possible, and Apocalyptic Thunder Juice certainly fits the bill.

The 'commercial description' given on Rate Beer describes Apocalyptic Thunder Juice as being made to be enjoyed as the last beer you will ever have, and a celebration of the end of time. The one you've waited your whole life for... and to make you feel alive as the world is crashing down around you!

Well hopefully it won't be the last beer you taste, but at 6.5% it will certainly help ease you into a tedious Zoom chat with distant relatives... This is a really dank and juicy New England IPA, and you'll get loads of piney and tropical flavours coming through when you taste it - we got pine, pineapple and tangerine (maybe a bit of Mango?!)... but they'll taste slightly different for everyone.

These flavours all come from the massive dose of Mosaic hops which have gone into it, which is renowned for its Tropical flavours.

It won't stick around for too long, but its definitely worth a try.

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